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I am constantly on the move, so I really like to stay connected with my favourite radio stations and playlists from around the world while getting ready or working concentrated. Thanks to TuneIn and Spotify that’s easy as pie but what always lacked was a proper way to listen to those. Because I find both my phone and iPad speakers to sound rather awkward, I opted for the ultra-portable JBL Go bluetooth speaker.

With a lightweight 130 grams and only the size of my palm it fits perfectly in my travel luggage. The sound is no Hi-Fi but a definite upgrade from any built-in speaker and the rubber edges allow it to be placed everywhere. The battery can be recharged by standard USB and lasts for roughly 6-7 hours. No cords, ultra portable and easy to set up. Secret tip for Android users: Press the speakers’ “Phone” button twice to jump to the next track, press it three times to jump to the previous track.

How do you enjoy music while on the go?
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