Music to help you sleep on a plane

Although I enjoy watching a fun movie or reading a good book while traveling long distance, I also like to use the flight to catch some much-needed sleep. It helps me reach my destination fresh and ready for new adventures. Sleeping on a plane can be hard, especially if the flight is booked out and noise levels are high. If you have ever been on a flight desperately trying to sleep without any luck of succeeding, you probably can relate.

Over the years, I’ve found music to help me do the trick in this situations. However, I’d gotten quite bored by my usual playlists. So for my last long haul flight I decided I needed some new tunes. I searched Spotify and found their amazing Sleep Playlist, which you can find here. It is packed with relaxing tracks and keeps going for ages. It definitely worked wonders and I recommend a download if you’re looking for a sleep remedy for your upcoming travels.

What is your favourite trick to sleep on a plane? I would love to hear your tips!

Also, if you would like to know more about my favourite airline, make sure to read my review of the Emirates Business Class.

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